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Duct Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

We are a full-service HVAC contractor serving Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to all the letters in “HVAC,” and too many homeowners are unaware of how important that “V”—ventilation—is to their comfort, energy costs, and health. We have the services for the ductwork of your home’s ventilation system that will ensure top ratings in all three areas, as well as your air conditioning and heating systems.

With more than three decades in the business, Schaal Eastern Iowa can tackle any HVAC service you may need for your home. We back up our work with eight guarantees—we aim to provide you with 100% satisfaction each time. Our technicians are NATE and SAVE-certified and use only the finest tools for air duct replacement, duct cleaning and sealing, and any other duct service. Contact us today for an appointment.

Call Schaal Ya'all! We’ve got you covered when it comes to ventilation. Iowa's Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Company.

Air Duct Cleaning

One of the basic routine services you’ll need done for your ventilation system is professional duct cleaning. This isn’t something you’ll need every year, but we strongly recommend scheduling it every three to five years, or whenever you believe you have heavy layers of dust and other debris trapped within the ducts. If you’ve never had duct cleaning done before, now is the best time to arrange for it.

We use powerful cleaning tools: it isn’t just putting a vacuum hose down a few vent covers! After our thorough cleaning, you’ll have ductwork that performs in peak condition—high energy efficiency, less debris in the air, and a heating and cooling system that doesn’t have to overwork itself into an early replacement.

Air Duct Testing

Damaged and leaking air ducts are major problems for home ventilation systems. It’s difficult to tell how bad the problem is unless you have professionals perform air duct testing. When you notice a steep rise in the cost to run your HVAC system, an increase in dust around the house, rattling sounds from the vents, or a rise in indoor humidity, you may need duct testing to discover if air leaks are causing the problem. We’ll determine if your ducts are damaged, and what amount of air duct sealing or air duct replacement will remedy the issue.

Air Duct Sealing

Sealing holes in air ducts isn’t a job for amateurs. So-called "duct tape" is not useful! It not only takes skilled professionals to locate the leaking through duct testing, it takes those same professionals and the right equipment to then seal the ducts so their airtightness is restored. Those air leaks can lead to a loss of up to 30% of the air moving through them. That is a tremendous amount of energy going to waste. It also causes a drop in air pressure and subsequent drop in comfort.

Let our team make your ducts "like new" again. We can also replace severely damaged ducts or ones that were installed poorly in the first place (an unfortunately common situation). Schaal Eastern Iowa has a long history as a trusted name in heating, cooling, and ventilation. We are the experts to call in Cedar Rapids, IA when it comes to seeing you have a ventilation system that helps your AC and heater perform at their best.

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