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Ductless Systems in Cedar Rapids, IA

A ductless mini split AC and heater is one of the best alternatives to the standard central air conditioning and heating systems, such as the split air conditioner and furnace combo that many homes have. These heat pumps work through small wall-mounted units that send cooled or heated air directly into the living spaces of a home without space-consuming and energy-inefficient ductwork.

If you’re new to ductless mini splits, or you already have a ductless heating and air conditioning system that needs repairs, maintenance, or other professional work, call Schaal Eastern Iowa. We have more than 30 years of history delivering the finest in HVAC assistance to homeowners, and have a team of SAVE and NATE-certified technicians to help you with ductless air conditioning and heating in Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding area. Contact us today.

For the finest in ductless HVAC service, Call Schaal Ya'all! Iowa's Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Company.

Ductless HVAC Installation

Installation of ductless mini splits is straightforward and fast for a professional team. The major benefit of having a mini split AC/heater installed in your home is that it bypasses the need for putting in new ductwork. If you live in an older house without a ventilation system already in place, a ductless heating and cooling system is a great option that lets you get rid of clunky and ugly window AC units. We also recommend a ductless HVAC installation for other reasons:

  • High energy efficiency—no ducts that gain or lose heat, and the motors are smaller and consume less power.
  • Flexible, making it easy to install heating and cooling for add-on rooms, room conversions, and remodeling.
  • Improve indoor air quality because there are no ducts filled with dust.
  • Built-in zone control—you only need to heat and cool rooms that are occupied.

Ductless HVAC Replacement

We stand by all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and always do the finest job possible for any installation of ductless mini splits. However, even with the best in ductless HVAC maintenance and repairs for a well-installed ductless air conditioning and heating system, it will need a partial or complete replacement eventually. You can count on our help for this service, whether we need to put in one or two replacements of the wall-mounted units or change out the entire ductless system.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Another advantage of the ductless mini split heat pump is that if one of the wall-mounted units fails and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can move your household to other rooms with working units while our technicians repair the broken one. If the entire system stops working—we can deliver fast help for that as well. We also recommend signing up for regular ductless HVAC maintenance, which is part of our Schaal Priority Maintenance Agreement. Call our office in Cedar Rapids, IA, to find out more about this program.

Schaal Eastern Iowa wants you to enjoy the best comfort in your house. If you want to change from the standard furnace and split air conditioner set-up for whatever reason, put your trust in us for ductless HVAC installation. We’ll be there for any ductless services you need in the future—we back everything up with our eight guarantees.

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