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Got a Lingering Heating Issue?

Monday, October 5th, 2020

Let’s take a mental trip back to March or April of last year. The frigid temperatures of December and January were a thing of the past. The weather was getting milder as the days stretched on. You were swapping out your heavy coats for lighter layers and the forecast was looking up. That weird thing that your heater was doing all winter was starting to bother you less and less—you had spring to look forward to! What’s it going to hurt to put it off until next fall.

Well, now fall is here. You probably turned on your heater hoping that nothing would be wrong with the system after a substantial amount of downtime and… yup! The problem was still right there waiting to rear its ugly head. You can’t outrun your problems! What you can do though is run to the phone and call one of our heating technicians in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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