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Heating Installation in Cedar Rapids, IA

Are you worried about overcoming the heat during the next winter in Cedar Rapids, IA? We don’t blame you. The winters here are intense, and unless a home has a durable heating system that will run when it needs to and won’t drain too much power, it can mean a rotten season with icicles dangling from the ceiling. And possibly from the noses of people in your house.

The answer: call Schaal Eastern Iowa and arrange for a furnace installation or other heating system installation today. You don’t have to worry about where to find “heating system installation near me,” because you’ve already landed on the right page. We have NATE and SAVE-certified technicians to install your heater, and we back up our work with the finest set of guarantees you’ll find. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Afraid of the deep freeze this winter? Call Schaal Ya'all! Iowa's Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Company.

The Professional Schaal Install Difference

We have over 70 years of experience handling warming homes in Cedar Rapids, IA. We know all about those harsher winter days when the temperatures are below freezing and the snow is thick on the ground. We’re proud to offer a range of heating system installations, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, ductless heating systems, geothermal heat pumps, and even water heaters.

Our guarantees ensure that you’ll have the right heating system installed to meet your comfort needs, no matter how far the thermometer outside drops into the blue. We take special precautions to see you have a safely installed new system that will run reliably for years and won’t cause your heating bills to rise unnecessarily. Working with HVAC professionals means few worries and many years of trouble-free home heating.

Furnace Installation

When you are looking for a new heating system installation, the furnace is probably the number one choice. If you have an older furnace that no longer does the job you need, you can easily make an appointment with our technicians to have it replaced. We work with both natural gas and electric furnaces, and we won’t take any shortcuts when it comes to finding the ideal new heating system for your family.

You only want licensed professionals like us handling a furnace installation. It’s not only a question of ensuring you have a heater that’s the right power level to meet your comfort requirements, but also that it will be installed safely. This applies to both electric and natural gas furnaces.

Ductless Heating Installation

Does your home lack the ductwork or the necessary space for a standard furnace or heat pump? Or are you interested in major remodeling as part of your new heating system installation? If so, we recommend you work with us for a ductless heating installation. The ductless mini split heat pump offers an alternative to the standard split system in most homes. Not only are ductless heating and cooling systems more flexible, they offer benefits such as reduced energy consumption, no hassles to repair leaky or damaged ducts, and cleaner air.

Call Schaal Eastern Iowa to schedule heating installation in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area today. We can answer any questions you may have about the best way to keep you warm.

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