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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Cedar Rapids, IA

What is the best way to enjoy healthier, more pleasant indoor air quality in your house? There is no single answer to this question because every home is different. But in most situations, air filters and an air filtration system are a good place to start, with further whole-home air purification with the installation of an air purifier or a specific air purification system.

The world of air filtration installation and other IAQ services can confuse people. Fortunately, Schaal Eastern Iowa has more than 30 years of history helping improve indoor air quality with a range of air filters and purifiers. We guarantee all our work, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll end up with a bad set of filters or an air purification system that doesn’t do the job promised. Contact us today for an appointment.

Call Schaal Ya'all! We have the air filter and purifier services you need. Iowa's Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Company.

Air Filtration Installation

When you’re looking for great whole-home air purification, mechanical filters are a solid foundation. Air filters trap the larger particles that can affect home health and comfort in a mesh of fibers. A good air filtration system can stop dust, pet dander, lint, dust mites, and a range of other contaminants from circulating through the HVAC system and your living spaces

It’s essential that you leave air filtration installation to our professionals. A filter that’s too strong will cause more problems than one that’s not strong enough. Our experts will see your HVAC system is matched to the air filters that will get the job done without harming airflow.

Air Filtration Repair

Air filters and air purifiers are durable systems that can last for many years, provided they have routine maintenance such as changing out filters. If you begin to detect a decline in the quality of your indoor air, you only need to contact our professionals, and they’ll be out to see what’s wrong. If you need to have air filtration repair, our team will get the work completed fast and see that your family is breathing clean and purified air once more.

Air Filtration Replacement

Air purifiers and air filters have limited service lives. If you have routine air purification and air filtration maintenance done, you can expect more years of quality air cleaning. Eventually, however, you’ll need to call us to have the old filtration/purification system replaced with a new one. This is often a great opportunity for you to upgrade to the latest in technology. Our IAQ experts are always at the cutting edge of new air quality technology, and they’ll find a replacement purifier or filter that will make your air quality better than ever.

UV Air Purifier Service and More

One of the special types of air purifier systems we install is the UV germicidal light, a.k.a. UV air purifier. These purifiers target germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and microbes moving through the ventilation system. Using the power of a UV germicidal light (ultraviolet radiation), these air quality systems zap away the most unpleasant and harmful pollutants that can circulate through the air—and without using any chemicals.

To find out more about air purification and air filtration maintenance, installation, replacement, and more, reach out to Schaal Eastern Iowa in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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