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About Us

Schaal Eastern Iowa started in the HVAC business more than 30 years ago. You don’t spend that long in an industry unless you have the combination of skill, equipment, and customer service that keeps homeowners coming back to you year after year.

We face extreme temperature conditions during the year in Cedar Rapids, IA, and it takes a trustworthy and talented staff like ours to handle the cold and the heat. We want to give you peace of mind as well as a comfortable and healthy house—and we’ll do whatever it takes to see you are fully satisfied with our work.

Our Eight Guarantees

What sets us apart from our competitors, aside from our decades of experience, is that we offer not one, not two, but eight guarantees to our customers:

  1. Safe Home Guarantee
  2. Clean House Guarantee
  3. Client Courtesy Guarantee
  4. Comfort Assurance Guarantee
  5. No Paperwork Promise
  6. Lemon Warranty
  7. Price Guarantee
  8. No Surprises Guarantee

These guarantees are in place to reassure you at every stage of every project. You’ll receive upfront pricing, protection in case of a faulty system, and an assurance you’ll have the comfort you need. We even guarantee you’ll have the most polite and friendly technicians at work. And that’s on top of their SAVE and NATE certifications.

The Technicians Who Will Do the Job Right

We are proud of our team at Schaal Eastern Iowa, who have more than 70 years of experience working with HVAC systems. All our technicians have SAVE and NATE certifications. NATE-certified technicians are the backbone of a great heating and cooling company: the North American Technician Excellence certification is the only HVAC industry-wide recognized mark of quality. Technicians must pass a rigorous set of tests based both on in-field knowledge of systems and the intricacies of the workings of heating and cooling equipment. They must also demonstrate vital customer service skills.

Call Schall Ya’all!

We have won numerous awards during more than three decades in the business, and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. But the most important reward we’ve received during our time servicing homes in Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding areas is the trust of customers. They know when they reach out to us for repairs, a new heating system, upgrade to their air conditioning system, indoor humidity solutions, or water heater maintenance, that they’ll get the exact work they need. Schaal Eastern Iowa is committed to the comfort and health of every one of our customers. For your comfort, you only need remember one phrase: "Call Schall Ya’all!"

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