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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Cedar Rapids, IA

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are indoor air quality installations that can make an immense difference to both your indoor comfort and energy savings. Thanks to an energy or heat recovery ventilator, you can bring fresh outdoor air into your home without also bringing in the temperatures that will force the heater or AC into massive overtime.

These IAQ systems need professional installation as well as repair and maintenance services. In Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding areas, you can look to Schaal Eastern Iowa for the work that will set you up with a heat or energy recovery ventilator that will provide your home with fresh air—without sending your heating and air conditioning bills into the stratosphere. Speak to one of our expert technicians today to find out more about these installations. We guarantee your complete satisfaction! Contact us today!

Call Schaal Ya'all! We offer top-quality indoor air quality products and services. Iowa's Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Company.

HRV and ERV Installation

If you haven’t heard of energy and heat recovery ventilators before (also known as HRV systems and ERV systems), this is how they work. The HRV/ERV is installed into the ventilation system where it draws in currents of fresh air from outside while simultaneously drawing in a current of stale air from the house. Before the HRV/ERV exhausts the indoor stale air, it runs it past the current of fresh air, which moves heat from one current to the other. In cold weather, the fresh cold air gains heat before it moves indoors. In hot weather, the fresh hot air cools down before it moves indoors. In either case, the outdoor air is pre-cooled or pre-heated to better match the comfort requirements indoors.

A proper HRV or ERV installation "recovers" 80% of the energy used to heat and cool the indoor air and applies it to the incoming fresh air. The house enjoys circulation of fresh air without wasting excess power running the AC or heater.

HRV and ERV Repair

You can see the ways that HRV and ERV systems can benefit your house. Once our technicians have your ERV/HRV system installed, you can expect excellent results from it for many years. We recommend having regular HRV/ERV maintenance along with your other HVAC maintenance services to help the device work without trouble. If you do need to have repairs for your HRV/ERV system, never hesitate to call us. We can figure out what is wrong with the system and have it fixed right away.

HRV and ERV Replacement

Routine HRV/ERV maintenance and repairs as needed won’t keep the system working forever. When it’s time for an HRV or ERV replacement, you can count on us to see that it’s done fast and right. We back up all our work and services with eight different guarantees, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a comfort guarantee. These guarantees and our more than 30 years of history serving homes with the finest in comfort and energy savings is what puts Schaal Eastern Iowa ahead of the competition in Cedar Rapids, IA. Contact us today for comprehensive indoor air quality services

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